Source by Suong assigns a Project Manager to liaise with each customer on product sourcing; sample development; quotations; purchase orders management; shipments; and product testing. Each Project Manager is responsible for handling all of the overall communications between the customer; Source by Suong; and the various vendors involved.  We offer the following menu of consulting services, a la carte; and then tailor each service we provide to your specific needs:

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Source by Suong manages the entire product development process and places the customer’s new products with selected vendors; reviews product details; works with the customer to obtain quotations; captures product data; assists with value engineering; monitors the delivery of fabrics and raw materials; oversees the sample production; and coordinates all sample shipments.

Please note, however, that Source by Suong cannot be responsible for any inaccurate information regarding product development provided by the customer or the customer’s designers; or any direct costs related to the customer’s product development including shipments, sample charges from the factory, customs or duties, storage charges, airfreight or other courier charges, or any special raw materials required to make the customer’s samples.

PRODUCT TESTING: Source by Suong ensures that products are tested in accordance with each customer’s standards, by independent third party facilities that are pre-approved by the customer.  Our fees do not include the cost for testing products with these independent certified testing labs, or any transportation costs associated with sending the test samples to/from the designated labs. Accordingly, all independent third party product testing costs and all transportation costs for the test samples, are to be paid for by the customer.

QUALITY CONTROL: Source by Suong provides quality control for each customer’s products at the factory locations of the vendors. Our quality control program includes monitoring production and inspections during pattern making; cutting; sewing; and packaging.  We issue quality inspection reports for each customer’s purchase order after each inspection; and then follow up with the vendor to assist in resolving any quality complaints from the customer.

Accordingly, the customer must agree to support the quality control services provided by Source by Suong with the vendors, and help us to gain full access to the manufacturing process so that we can provide our services unencumbered.  Please note, however, that the vendors are ultimately responsible for the quality of the products produced, including those that may not become apparent until after the product ships.

ORDER TRACKING: Each Project Manager at Source by Suong monitors the status of the customer’s open orders and production; and update their customers with weekly status reports.  Our quality control inspection staff helps to verify the status of any/all open orders; and works with the Project Manager and the vendors to identify purchase orders which appear to have fallen behind schedule.  Although each vendor is ultimately responsible for their own manufacturing operations and shipping performance, Source by Suong will advise the customer after a problem is identified with any vendor; and will follow up with the factory to expedite the purchase order that is behind schedule.

TRAVEL ACCOMODATIONS: Our staff is available to assist our customers, or their representatives, with scheduling their travel and arranging visits to their vendors.  We can help you with your airline, restaurant and hotel bookings; visa applications; and any local transportation you might require for personal reasons.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Source by Suong also supports companies who wish to set-up a branch in Vietnam by organizing license applications; helping to find office locations; and recruiting local staff.  We also can provide administrative and management services, if needed.  These are custom services, so kindly contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a competitive offer.