Having spent all of her childhood in South East Asia; between China, Cambodia and Vietnam, Suong’s heart and soul has always remained there.  This is where she went to school in her formulative years; this is her primary culture; and this is where her most cherished memories are located.

She left Vietnam when she was nineteen years old, and for the next seventeen years she was traveling, working and living in Europe and North America; attending school; discovering western culture; and gaining valuable work experience.  Inspired by her origins and enriched by her western experiences, Suong founded “Source by Suong”, a Vietnamese sourcing company for the Fashion & Apparel industry in Europe and the United States in the spring of 2011.

As the primary interface with the designers and licensees of the brands, Suong and her team are responsibile for the realization of all design intent and the management of all phases of product development; including sourcing, specifications, scheduling, costing, quality control, communications and logistics.

Since 2011, Suong has traveled extensively throughout Asia to search for new artisans for the Fashion and Apparel industry.  She is constantly inspired by local cultures and local manufacturing techniques, and often introduces her customers directly to her sources in order to inspire new and innovative products for the market.

Asia is a jewel of craftsmanship.

This is the guiding principle and reason that Suong founded “Source by Suong”.  In an attempt to capture Asia’s treasures, and to preserve a way of life that has in some instances existed for thousands of years, Suong and her team work diligently with many skilled craftsmen and artsians to introduce their many different techniques to her customers.