Project Description

In 1987, large quantities of rubies were found by local farmers in northern Vietnam near Luc Yen and Yen Bai.  This discovery prompted more interest, and later that year, more gemstones were unearthed: including jadeite and nephrite in Co Phuong; aquamarine and topaz in Thuong Xuan; beryl and quartz in Thach Khoan; sapphire in both Dak Lak and Bonh Thuan provinces; and more deposits of ruby in Quy Chau.

The rubies of Vietnam are known for their vivid, dark red color, although they can range from light pink to dark red, often accompanied by some dull red and blue spinels.  The sapphires of Vietnam occur in glorious shades of pink and purple in northern Vietnam; and in green, yellow and blue tones in the southern regions.

Most recently, Vietnamese gem discoveries include peridot, amethyst, jade, tourmaline, opal, tektite and citrine.

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