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The oldest and most renown Vietnamese Silk comes from Van Phuc silk village, which is situated on the bank of the Nhue River in northern Vietnam near Hanoi.  Van Phuc is in the center of Ha Dong Town, Ha Tay Province, and is the largest silk production village in Vietnam.  The village is surrounded by colorful bolts of silk drying.

Vietnamese Silk was always a luxurious material, but it became famous in 1040 when King Ly Thai Tong decided to make court costumes with local silks instead of imported textiles. Since then, the silk from this region has been produced for royalty and dignitaries in Indochina.  Van Phuc silk was exhibited first in Macau in 1928; and then introduced internationally at the Marseille and Paris Fairs, in 1931 and 1932, respectively.

By 1958, Vietnamese Silk had become a primary export product for Vietnam to Europe; and to many countries around the world by 1988.  Van Phuc silk village produces more than 2 million meters of silk per year, and exports many types of silk to supply the domestic and international markets.  Fabric width is typically 90-97 cm.

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